We have been asked by quite a lot of teachers, SNAs, and parents, if we could create a membership category where they can apply individually, not as part of a school.  Click the Green button above to learn more. (But don’t sign up just yet, make sure to grab the free access till March 31st below first)

As requested by Teachers and SNAs, for Teachers and SNAs

Welcome to Education Nation
Online learning for all school staff to better help all pupils with special needs.
A whole-school online training resource for all school staff members from CATTS

Create and email yourself a PDF quotation as part of your additional documentation to support your ICT grant application for your school.

Feel free to browse the available courses for education staff:

Where you see the PLAY icon, you can click it to get a free preview or trailer for the course.

Understanding & Addressing Challenging Behaviour

Short course for any teacher or SNA who needs to manage immediate behaviours in class - (while waiting for the appropriate resources to be put in place).

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ASD in the classroom

Practical strategies and supports which you can setup in your classroom to assist a pupil with ASD. SUGGESTED PRE-REQUISITE Online Course: AUTISM 101

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Down Syndrome 101

A short introduction to Down Syndrome, what it is, and the most common presentation in children.

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Managing Stress and Work Life Balance

This course covers how awareness of how we think and feel about events that happen to us contribute to our levels of stress.

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Tips for Language Development

This is a general talk designed to provide information on language development in young children.

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AAC Devices 101

AAC Devices. What the term AAC covers, what are the most common ones in use, and how to create general support for an AAC user.

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Education Nation is an online Special Needs training service for schools set up, in response to SNA’s and teachers identifying a need for accessible and timely training, delivered on topics that will make a practical difference in the classroom. Any school staff member on the school pay roll can be set up to access the training, encouraging whole school participation and inclusion. This approach benefits everyone, not just those pupils who may have additional needs or challenges.

All subscriptions are set to allow FULL ACCESS to the on demand courses with all school staff (teaching and non teaching) based on school size. 

Education Nation has been compiled based on the feedback from special education teachers, SNAs working in Ireland who have given feedback and suggestions to CATTS Ireland over several years on what would be an ideal resource to allow them do the best they can supporting their pupils.


As of the end of December 2019, the total cost for 1 person to take all our courses on our main page is €552 for over 27 full hours of CPD training. A school licence gives you all that for a fraction of the cost.

Note for Special Schools, or schools who need extra user licences.

The user increments are in blocks of 10 staff members.
So, 0-100 pupil school covers up to 10 staff, 101-200 pupils, 20 staff etc.

If you run a Special School, it is normal to have a higher pupil to staff ratio.
(Some special schools have told us that they need enough user licences to cover all staff that they would fall into the highest bracket, despite having under 100 pupils.)

To keep it fair for these important services, we can add an Additional User pack to your subscription for a price of €50 which give your account an additional 20 users.

To order, please select your school size based on pupils and register, then email us with your details and the number of additional user packs you wish to order. Likewise, if you are a mainstream school and have the same situation, plea


If your school has just signed up, please click on the picture above to go to setup instructions to help you get started fast!

If your school has not signed up to this service yet, please click here to see how to access the supports.

This service is available to Primary Schools, Preschools, Special and Secondary Level Schools only.
All these courses can be purchased individually on our main site here.


  • Your Subscription includes a closed broadcast license for staff, for use for in-house class training.
  • Templates for download (e.g. Communication Passport examples and templates)
  • Personal note templates for SNAs and teachers to assist in mapping learning to a pupil’s IEP or Student Support File.
  • Access for all staff members, with individual accounts arranged as part of subscription.


  1. Bring Education Nation to the attention of your school principal. (Click here to send an email)
  2. She/He can sign up your school directly via our signup page