Joe Morris

Google Virtual Tour Creator – Show your school safely

Just seen this mentioned on another forum and wanted to share with you. Google Virtual Tour Creator. We have quite a few questions from parents were planned to move from Primary to Secondary school, or anxious kids (and parents) wondering what things may look like in September. This is a great way to safely give …

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Why can’t I use an ‘easy’ password?

Occasionally, someone may create a very easy password, or one that would be simple to guess or crack. When that happens, usually the site sends an alert to the administrators along the lines of: High Severity Problems:* User “XXXXXXX” with ‘subscriber’ access has a very easy password. When we receive this, we will normally contact …

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What our Subscribers say

All feedback is from current users of Education Nation. What Teachers, SNAs and Parents thoughts and reviews of each course can be found on the Course Reviews Page here. This section is purely their thoughts on how they find using the whole Education Nation System as an individual or running their school subscription.

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