Welcome to our FIRST Drawing Competition for ALL schools.

Education Nation is looking to give our website a makeover.

The current photos and Logo are placeholders, as we wanted to focus on the courses, and the usability of the site for all school staff members – but, we know it could look better!

So, rather than hiring a designer, we wanted to put out the request to the children of Ireland of all ages (2- 18 years) to see who can best draw a picture which represents the reason why Education Nation exists in the first place – Promoting Inclusion.

First Prize:
– 1 Year subscription to EN for winner’s school (worth €500).
– First Prize winner gets €100 Smyths toys voucher for themselves
– €100 Smyths voucher for their class teacher to spend on the class.

Runners Up prizes:
2nd Place €50 Smyths voucher for winner
3rd Place €25 Smyths voucher for winner

Terms and Conditions for Entry

· The theme- Promoting Inclusion.
It is up to the individual child to interpret what it means to them. They are encouraged to draw what they best think represents.

If you are wanting pupils in your class to participate, this is also a great opportunity to discuss the concept of inclusion to them if you have not already had the opportunity to do so.

· The closing date for entries is Friday October 25th 2019. Winners will be announced week ending November 8th.

· All entries must be submitted digitally to Education Nation either through email, Whatsapp or our Facebook Messenger Links:
(That means all pupils can keep their original copy of their work for their fridges! 🙂 )

Facebook Messenger Link: m.me/EducationNationIE

Email to: hello@educationnation.ie

WhatsApp to: +353864679292

Files must be sent as .jpeg, or .png files please. (If you use your iphone or android, they should take care of all the rest).
Please put the name of the school, class, and age of the pupil after each entry.
To minimize disruption or inconvenience to schools, we will use the electronic images only, so if the photo is distorted, or of poor quality – no matter how awesome the drawing is – we would be unable to use such photos.

CATTS / Education Nation Promotional Policy.
Each entrant agrees to their details being used in promotional material for Education Nation / CATTS Ireland. CATTS Ireland (and by extension Education Nation) have a no identification rule for testimonials. (Please see here for example)

No child’s name will be used.
Promotional material will state Age, Class and School (if applicable);
e.g. 1st Class, St. Edward’s PS , Craggy Island, Age 7.

(If proud mums or dads want to re-share with more identifying details, that is entirely up to them. If the schools of the runners up or winner wishes to do similar, we would suggest they get permission from the winner’s parents).

· The competition is open to all pupils of any preschool, special school, primary or secondary school.

. This competition is not open to CATTS Ireland or Education Nation staff.

· Entries will automatically become the property of CATTS/ Education Nation and may appear in our print, Website and Social Media Channels.

Questions, or clarifications about the competition and it’s rules, please contact hello@educationnation.ie

1 thought on “DRAWING COMPETITION 2019”

  1. Update: and some combined FAQs.

    It is brilliant to hear of classes up and down the country having big discussions on what ‘Inclusion’ means. I have heard this first hand due to the number of questions and clarification requests I have received from principals and teachers!

    So, posting the answers here for everyone:

    The theme is PROMOTING INCLUSION – not just simply ‘#Inclusion’. There is a BIG difference! For example, Jane who may use a wheelchair could be ‘included’ in a day out to the trampoline park by getting an invite, but does that really allow her to participate? Or, inviting Fred (I always use ‘Fred’ as an example) who may have ASD, to the Laser roller-disco birthday party count as inclusion? Promoting Inclusion means thinking ‘How can we set things up so that this person can participate in this activity as fully as they can?’ Often it can be simply having a chat with their mom or dad to see what worked in the past – or – as can often happen – if it is the FIRST time that child has been invited (be prepared to help troubleshoot and problem solve in advance with his/her parents).

    Another question is can homeschooling participate? Yes – they can. Ireland has about 1,500 kids who are being homeschooled across the country (up from just over 400 a few short years ago). They are included. (If the homeschool is part of a local HEN group and a kid wins the top prize, that HEN group gets the EN access subscription to use).

    Can a whole class enter one entry? Yes. If that class wins the overall prize, then the winners €100 just gets added to the class teachers €100 prize so he/she can use for their class. (The class’ single entry then does go up against a lot of other individual entries, so the odds may not be in their favour – however as a group class activity it is a great collaborative idea). – we may launch a class competition at some stage if that is what schools find easier.

    Hope this helps,


    Posted as answer on EN Facbook page:

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