End of School Year Housekeeping

June 17, 2020
Category: FAQs

At the end of your school year, there may be some changes of team members within your school. Here is how to best to handle it with your school’s account.

For School Administrators:

  1. Please remind any team members to Print Off their certificates.
    They will lose access once they leave your school’s account.
  2. With the extra spaces on your subscription, add any new team members through the usual steps.
    (Which can be found here:https://educationnation.ie/setting-up-your-school/)

For Team members changing schools:

In all cases, please take a note of your Account’s Login and Password.
If you are using the school’s email address, you will lose access to this once you change job. (If you have a personal email address such as Gmail, etc, please amend your account to email this address instead).

Then, there are 2 options:

If you are moving to another Education Nation School

If the school you are moving to is an Education Nation school, please give the school’s administrator your User ID. He/She can then add you to their account, so your CPD tracking and certificates etc, will be moved to the new school.

If you are moving to a non Education Nation School

If the school you are moving to is not part of Education Nation school, you can continue to avail of the latest courses and updates by taking out an Individual Subscription. Go to https://educationnation.ie/plans/individual-memberships/ to pick one that suits.

Alternatively – let your new school Principal know about us, and then move your account to your new school’s subscription! 🙂