As a Thank You to all the schools who joined during our FIRST YEAR, we are freezing the price you signed up at – forever!

Education Nation started out as an idea several years ago based on teacher, parent, SNA discussions on what ideally could help everyone support SEN pupils.

Based on user requests, we now offer TWO broad membership categories:


This is whole-school access subscription to all school staff based on school roll number.

The School Memberships are priced for Mainstream Schools based on number of pupils, 0-100 up to schools with 500+ pupils.

Special Schools are based on number of pupils, with additional user licence add-ons, as they usually have a much higher pupil:teacher ratio.

School subscriptions include the right to broadcast courses within the premises, such as for training days or parent information days.

Feel free to use the calculator above to see how much your school can save vs purchasing the online courses separately on our public training page here.

If you are a Special School and have a high Pupil:Teacher ratio, please select your school plan based on the number of pupils, and then add extra staff members according to your need here:


Individual Memberships for teachers, SNAs, parents, students, or general public who wish to know more about a wide range of SEN areas.

This membership was created at the request of teachers and SNAs who wished to have their own account, so that their CPD access could follow them from school to school.