How to maximize your time on Education Nation content

March 14, 2020
Category: FAQs

One system for targeted note taking I liked from my days in the technology business (where even then the vast majority of CPD was online), is this.

Pen and paper.

Not just ANY old pen and paper, but like the ones available at the download links below.

These are set for Education Nation users, to help you,
– FIND (and SHARE) the information you found useful
– WHEN it is needed, to help the
– PUPILS who may need it.

Here is how to do it. Number 1, below is all you need when actually viewing your chosen content on the system. Number 2, is what you use afterwards, to match up learning to a pupil’s needs, or to share with others what skills or tools may assist that pupil.

  1. Print out a copy of the course notepads. One for each COURSE you are viewing at that time.

    So, if say, you had planned an ASD focused day, you may want to watch Autism 101, and Supporting Children with ASD in the classroom, and Understanding Challenging Behaviour. (About 4 hours total viewing time).
    In that case, you print out 3 copies of the above form. Then use 1 copy of the form while you are viewing each course.
  2. Print out enough copies of the Pupil Strategies and Resources page according to the number of pupils you are supporting. So, if you are working with 3 pupils during the week, you print 3 copies.

    Then, you match back the content you flagged on the notepads completed on each course, to the pupil’s sheet.

    So, if you made 8 notes that could be relevant to a pupil named ‘Fred’ while watching Autism101, you write those into the Pupil Strategies and Resource page for Fred.

    Repeat with anything you found useful in the other 2 courses you watched that day that you though would be relevant to Fred. You can then add that page to the support file your school may have on Fred.

    When other school team members are reviewing Fred’s file they can see what ideas and topics you were planning on using with Fred. They can then login to Education Nation and review that specific part of the course themselves, also, when they need it.

    It also helps anyone who may be new and assisting, or replacing any team member working with Fred, to quickly skill themselves up in the areas relevant to helping Fred, fast.