I can’t log into my account

March 31, 2020
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This is a very common question on all websites and apps. Often it can be very frustrating. There are usually some simple checks which you can do first yourself.

Check you are using the right login.

You can login with the username you setup, OR the email you registered with.

If you can’t remember your login information, or your email that you used, the best option is to click this Forgot Password link and then send yourself a password reset to your email.
If you are not sure of your email, try the one you think you would have used first. If you get a message that it is not found on the system, try the other one, etc.

If it is still not found, then your account isn’t registered, so check with your school’s administrator how you were set up.

If you have an individual membership, please contact us.

If you know you are using the right login.

Most usernames are in lower case. A common (very frustrating) issue is if you login on a mobile phone or tablet and it automatically capitalizes your name. This then is not recognized by the site, so won’t allow you in. (It happened to me on my phone and I built this thing – took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize what happened! -JM)

All in all, we want everyone to enjoy learning on this system, and a big part of that is a seamless access experience. So, if you have tried the above, and they are not working for you, please contact us. 😊