Launch Price Updates and Thank you Offer

August 12, 2020
Category: FAQs

After our Launch Year pricing from 2019-2020, we now need to set our yearly school prices at a sustainable break even basis. This is to ensure continuity of operation and to allow us find more great courses in order to add more value to your subscription.

This will mean an increase in all our membership levels, which we will be bringing in in September 2020.

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However – we would never have got to this stage without the support and enthusiasm from those schools who joined up in our first year.

To say thank you, we are keeping ALL current School subscriptions at the 2020 price you paid – for as long as you retain your subscription. 😊

Any school who is a subscriber on the date of our new price changeover will move to a scheme we are going to call ‘Early Adopters’ – for good.

This is as a reward to all those schools who joined in our first year, as a way to say thank you.

So, what will the prices be after September?

We are basing our pricing on feedback from schools over the past year, along with aligning it to other organisations that support schools who divide schools into school sizes based on every 50 pupils.

We also (perhaps naively) didn’t expect so many special schools would be needing access. As such, we need to put a fair scheme in place that will reflect the substantially higher team to pupil ratio. As such, this should mean that all special schools will fall into the lowest size bracket, and they can then add as many team members a la carte as they need.

School Size (Pupils)New Price
0-50€ 200
50-100€ 250
101-150€ 300
151-200€ 350
201-250€ 400
251-300€ 450
301-350€ 500
351-400€ 550
401-450€ 600
451-500€ 650
501-550€ 700
551-600€ 750
601-650€ 800
651-700€ 850
701-750€ 900
751-800€ 950
801-850€ 999
New Pricing for 2020 – 2021 school year

The new prices will take effect during September.

Like all organisations, the CATTS team are working flat out to ensure we can accommodate people in the future due to Covid-19 and to minimize disruption and risk to clients. As such we can’t give an exact date we will have the new prices live, however it is our aim to have them completed by September.


All subscribing schools have already been emailed the update and to confirm they will retain their launch year prices, however we are adding some of the questions asked here to help anyone just learning about this change now.

My school will be moving to the Early Adopter prices from now on.
Do I get anything less than newer subscribers who are paying full price?

No. You get access to all content like you currently do. You just get to pay the same introduction pricing we had at launch.

My school got the pre-launch offer, so does that mean we stay on it indefinitely? (Our school is in the new €999 price category).

Yes, you keep that price per year for as long as you retain your subscription.

Due to an increase of enrollments, we need to move to a higher plan. Do we move from our offer rate of €400 to the new price of €600, or can we keep the old rate?

Moving to the higher price for the plan would not be fair to those who joined us in our first year. You will move up (or down) the Early Adopter price brackets for as long as your school maintains it’s subscription.

If my school stops its subscription, can we get offer price again if we rejoin?

No, once you break your subscription, you lose access to your Early Adopter pricing. When you rejoin, you will be at the price plan for your school size at the time. So if you are a 700 pupil school, paying €350 a year, and stop or pause your subscription, when you restart, you will be on the €900 a year plan. Fairness needs to work both ways, in order to be… er… fair. 🙂

My school is interested in joining, can we get the Launch Price still?

Once we change over to the new pricing during September, ALL current schools will be frozen at their price plans and will move to the Early Adopter Membership scheme. If your school is signed up at that stage, you too, can keep your renewal fees the same for as long as you maintain your subscription.

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