School Memberships

School Subscriptions 

Yearly Membership   Launch Subscription per school €350 per year, billed yearly.  (= €29 per month) – with guaranteed renewal for at least the second year at the same price if the subscription remains unbroken. This offer can roll forwards for subsequent years based on the number of schools participating in the service.

(Once the Launch offer is over, the usual rate for 2019-2020 term will be €500 per year, or €900 for two years).

All Subscriptions give you full access to all the courses and the Closed Support group for educators on Facebook for your school staff, (Teachers, SNAs, etc – anyone whose salary you pay directly) so they can all have access to information to support pupils with additional needs in your school, when they need it, throughout the year.

If you want to know what happens once your school registers, please view The School Administrator Information here.

If you wish for a THIRD PARTY to sponsor your school’s access, please view requirements here.
A Parents Association or Parent Teacher Association paying on behalf of their school is not considered a Third Party Payment as long as it is paying for the school it is affiliated to.

Note on Invoice Payments:
If you opt for Invoice Payment, your school should receive access to the full system immediately. This is done as a courtesy, and to allow all staff have access to the systems as soon as possible.  We usually allow 7 working days from date of invoice. If there will be any delays, please let us know.

To keep this fair, in the unlikely even of payment not being received, with no communication, the school’s access will be removed, and the school will be invoiced for the courses accessed by school team members at the full rates per course on our public online portal.


Yearly School Subscription
€350 / year
Pay yearly.
Full Access to OnDemand content
All staff members can have access
Access to Closed support group