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Emotional Regulation

Lets talk about emotional regulation. We all need it. How do you encourage it with someone who has difficulties?

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Types of Speech Disorders

During this course, you will learn - What is a speech disorder - Types of speech disorders - Impacts of having a speech disorder - Causes of speech disorders - Symptoms of speech disorders - How SLTs diagnose speech disorders - What an SLT may prescribe to help a pupil with a speech disorder - What a pupil with a speech disorder needs from their SNA and teacher.

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Voice Care for Teachers

Your voice, is your main tool of your trade. CATTS has helped a lot of teachers over the years with one on one voice care. Often, teachers only seek this help when it is too late, and in worst cases, it is career limiting. This course was created to help teachers on active duty, to ensure they never develop long term issues. Attend the live recording - June 22nd Clondalkin:

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Mindfulness for Educators 101

You cannot pour from an empty cup. You need to take care of yourself in order to take care of others

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Tips for Language Development

This is a general talk designed to provide information on language development in young children.

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Autism 101

A short, to the point, helpful course in order to quickly get to grips with supporting someone with Autism

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