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AAC Devices 101

AAC Devices. What the term AAC covers, what are the most common ones in use, and how to create general support for an AAC user.

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ASD Course Series

If you are supporting someone with ASD in any school setting, this comprehensive course pack contains all our ASD courses and will help set you up to support your pupil.

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ASD in the classroom

Practical strategies and supports which you can setup in your classroom to assist a pupil with ASD. SUGGESTED PRE-REQUISITE Online Course: AUTISM 101

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Autism 101

A short, to the point, helpful course in order to quickly get to grips with supporting someone with Autism

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Behaviour – Using Social Stories

A social story is a great tool to help manage expectations, which can often lead to a reduction in what is often termed 'Problem behaviour'.

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Behaviour 101 (Exploring Behaviour)

Ages and Stages of Development Self Esteem Drivers of Behaviour L.E.A.V.E. Approach 3 Principles

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Communicating PAIN

Being able to successfully communicate the source of, and even cause of, pain is vitally important in a young child or a person with communication issues.

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