School Administrator Information

So your school has signed up for a yearly access to the latest online video and direct responses supports available. This section will show you how to setup your staff members easily so that everyone can access what they need when they need it during the year.

When you log on, you can go to your ACCOUNT page – which will look like this…

Below this welcome text, there will be some options for you to setup your school staff members.

You are busy. Your teachers and SNAs are busy. Therefore we are suggesting the quickest and easiest way to setup your school below. (There are more Administrator intensive ways, however we would not recommend them – let technology do the work for you!)

Click on the link labelled Subscriptions, (pictured below), or click on the word here if you are setting up your school while viewing this. (Don’t worry, it will open in a new tab on your device, and you can refer back here as you need it).

From here, click SUB ACCOUNTS

Click on the words SUB ACCOUNTS, and it will open in the following screen:

This is Fr Ted Crilly’s account page for Craggy Island PS. You will see your own details here

Once you see the above, scroll down until you come to the section called SIGNUP URL.

This is a unique link that you can send to your school’s staff members. Once they click on the link, it will allow them register under your school’s account subscription.

And that’s it!

Afterwards, on this page, it will give you a list of who from your team has registered.

Based on Feedback, Administrators, or Principals won’t have access to ‘police’ who is or is not using this service. This allows ANYONE with access, to take ANY course on the system. Only they will know from a system reporting standpoint what they have taken.

(Your school Principal may request the printouts of your Certificates of completion etc, etc, as they wish, which you can download from the system once you have completed a course).