School Referral Competition Summer 2020

Thank you for talking about us.
Here is how we want to help reward you for sharing the news about our service.

We are thinking of trying something different over the next few months, and, if it works, then we will make it a regular thing.

In a nutshell, we have had a lot of great feedback on the service and courses from you since we launched in September 2019. We are also starting to get more Primary, Secondary and Special Schools inquiring and signing up based on hearing about it from current schools.

So, we wanted to help reward those of you who are talking about us in some way.

We are launching a school referral competition for schools (or school staff) who refer another school to our service over the next few months.

There will be 3 school prizes.

The First school prize is for the school who referrs the most schools to our service will win their next years membership of Education Nation for free.

The staff member listed as referrer from that school will win a prize to the value of €200. It cannot be cash – but can be a voucher, item, etc.

Due to the way 2020 is going, we will ask the winner what he/she wants, and then get it for them. (We did have Centreparcs voucher lined up when we were devising this competition – back in February – but events put everything on the back burner).

So, the fairest thing we feel is to ask the winner at the end of competition what they need at the time. (If the winning school has several staff members who are listed, then we will split the prize among them)

The Second school prize is for the remaining schools who referred a new school to us. We will put all the names in a hat and pick one.

The winning school will get their next year’s Education Nation subscription free, and the named staff member will get a €100 value prize. (Same as above, we will ask them what they need at the time).

The Third school prize category will be for the schools who have joined us as a result of a referral.

It will again be a straight prize draw, and the winning school will get their first year’s subscription fee refunded immediately.

So, how does it work?

We are adding 3 new fields to the school signup forms;

  1. The name of the referring school.
  2. Your school roll number.
  3. Your name, as the name of the staff member who referred.

That’s it. Just make sure that when you refer a school to us, that they put in the school roll number, and your name, so you are entered to the competition.

How can I refer?

You can keep doing what you are doing and letting colleagues in other schools know, or you can let your followers know on social media.

If you want an easy link to send out, you can just click the Share buttons below for your preferred Social media platform and then share it as you see fit. (Make sure that the person who you are sharing it with has your name, and your school roll number.)

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If my school is not part of Education Nation, can we still enter?
Unfortunately no. However if your principal signs up, then you can refer to others through your school.

When will you draw the prizes?
We will hold the draws later in the summer. Each school is different. Some schools are able to make decisions faster than others. Some Principals needs BOM approval, others have capacity to make purchase decisions like this on their own. To give everyone opportunity who wants to enter, a fair chance, this competition will run over a few months.