Slow internet issues

September 30, 2019
Category: HELP

We don’t live in an equal access society when it comes to the internet. Some areas will have Fiber broadband, while others will have patchy, intermittent coverage. How does Education Nation help alleviate this?

  1. Site Design.
    Yes, it looks basic. We could have flashy scripts, and a nice intro video that automatically plays etc., but that is unnecessary and reduces the main function, which is to get people who have subscribed, to the courses and information they need, when they need it.
  2. Video Quality.
    You can adjust the quality and therefore the connection required, on each video, as it is playing. The system and your browser should automatically adjust for the best connection speed based on your bandwidth – but if you want to directly make the video play in a lower quality, you can adjust it using the GEARS icon on the bottom right hand corner. (Shown in Red box below)