Special Education Needs courses online

Education Nation is an Online learning platform to better help all pupils with Special Educational Needs. We currently have over 30 hours and counting of video training on Special Education Needs courses online. All school staff can access – regardless of role.

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Membership is open to Teachers, SNAs, Parents & Students at Individual or Whole-School level. Unlike other online learning platforms, your subscription means that you can revisit the courses as often as you need to – WHEN you need to.

Education Nation was created in response to SNA’s and teachers identifying a need for accessible and timely training, delivered on topics that will make a practical difference in the classroom.

A quick overview of Education Nation

I don’t need to make sense of handouts or my notes from a course I attended ages ago. I just log on and quickly review the course itself anytime during the school year as I need it.

Primary Teacher

What if you and all your colleagues could access the same CPD courses, whenever you wanted?

School Subscriptions

– All school staff can access – regardless of role.
– Memberships are based on number of pupils, 0-100 up to schools with 500.
– Special Schools are based on number of pupils, with additional user licences due to the higher pupil:teacher ratio.
– School subscriptions include the right to broadcast courses within the premises, such as for training days or parent information days.

Want to take control of your own destiny? – Don’t delay.

Individual Subscriptions

– Open to Teachers, SNAs, parents, students

– Best value if you wish to know more about a wide range of Special Educational Needs areas.

– No need to go hunting through notes from a course you attended last summer when you actually NEED to use the knowledge. Just log on and refresh your memory anytime during the year.

– If your school signs up, or you transfer to an Education Nation school, your account and CPD logs can be moved to your school’s subscription and we will reimburse you for time remaining on your Individual account. That way, you won’t lose out! šŸ™‚

See what our subscribers say

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We have currently over 30 hours and counting of Special Education Needs courses online.
We have further courses in production based on subscriber’s requests.

Education Nation is part of CATTS Ireland Online Speech Therapy and Training.

Find out more about us here.