Did you know Education Nation provides the option of a group, or business sponsoring their local school?


If you are interested in sponsoring your school, or have been asked by your school’s representatives to consider sponsoring their access for a year, please find some information below to assist.

  • Is my sponsorship tax deductible?  – Yes, Primary, Secondary and Third Level institutions are approved bodies under revenue’s guidelines, as long as the donation exceeds €250. Please see more here at www.revenue.ie
  • What will I get for my sponsorship? – That is up to you and your school to decide. We will have a public link and listing of sponsors for schools available here, which can be used for your Social Media, or other marketing.
  • Can I just buy a course instead? – This is a service with a WHOLE SCHOOL approach.However you are giving all team members in your local school on-demand access to supports with a market value in the tens of thousands of euro if they were to be taken separately.
    To roughly compare, to purchase our ASD Course Pack on our CATTS Online Training Site is currently €120.The issue this system addresses is to ensure all school staff members can access the same information to help a pupil who may need the additional support, when they need it. SE Teachers, SNAs and Class teachers not being able to share key skills and understanding for assisting pupils with additional needs with each other was a key issue with those SNAs & teachers we discussed this service with at feasibility stage.


  • What is the price per year? – €500 per year ex VAT, for full access for your nominated school Roll number. (If you are your school’s PA, or PTA, it may be simpler to donate the amount to your school to allow them purchase directly).

  • What do I need to do?

    –  Firstly, you need to link with your school principal or SE teacher to ensure they are not already enrolled in this, and that they are happy to have you sponsor them. Some schools may have issues with certain types of business or industry sponsoring them. We need their permission.

    – After that, simply drop us an email to sponsor@educationnation.ie and CC the school’s main contact email, and we will do the rest.

  • Can my organisation sponsor multiple schools? – Yes, you can. If you have a large cohort of schools you wish to sponsor, contact us at sponsor@educationnation.ie and let us know what you are considering. – Each school will still need to follow their own rules and confirm with us that they are happy that you sponsor their access.

  • Can my organisation refer to our sponsorship in advertising? – Yes, you can, as long as you mention Education Nation and our URL educationnation.ie

    However, please let your sponsored school know that you would wish to mention your sponsorship in your advertising, and how BEFORE you arrange sponsorship.

    If a school informs us that they no longer wish to be sponsored by an organisation we will remove it.We cannot reimburse sponsors if their schools wish to pull out of the sponsorship arrangement during the yearly billing cycle. We will pause any achievements gained by the school staff and CPD records for the remainder of the year and work with the school to get them reinstated onto the system as soon as possible so there is no ongoing penalty to pupils or staff who may have come to rely on the service for help.


  • If my school has been sponsored, what do I expect? – Once your sponsor has contacted us and arranged payment, your nominated contact will get an email with access for your school.  It will also have instructions on how to add teachers or support staff to your account. (This is done manually – which we don’t recommend, or by spreadsheet upload, or just copy and paste the unique link which you will receive and email or text it to your teachers).  Each account is limited to 30 school staff for server load, if your school needs more accounts, just ask, there is no extra charge.