Staff room Noticeboard Flyer

February 13, 2020
Category: FAQs,HELP

We’ve had a few requests for a printout that school Principals can post on their noticeboard in their staff rooms to remind team members that they can avail of their school’s subscription at any time.

It also helps with administration and to avoid the school paying for the same content more than once!

In November 2019, CATTS Ireland had TWO schools contact us to arrange to deliver training in house that is covered by Education Nation. The teachers in question had already got sign off for the course cost from their principals and BOMs. Realizing they already had access to the courses via Education Nation, this saved their schools quite a lot of money, which they can then allocate to courses that cannot be delivered via online, such as say, Lámh Sign training.

You can download and view the Staff Room Flyer here

We also were asked for something that schools can choose to put in their reception areas so that parents have a visual reminder that the school places a real importance on helping all pupils of all abilities by subscribing to a service like this for their team members.

You can download the public noticeboard flyer here

If there is anything else that you think could help you get more benefit out of your school’s subscription, please let us know!