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If you are still waiting to be assigned a pupil, or you are going to be supporting pupils with a range of needs, click the button below to view General Communication Support Skills.

If you know exactly what topics you need to access, click on the catalogue button below to access the course you need.

If you are working with a new pupil this year, or new needs have been identified, follow the steps below, to identify potential actions to take.

STEP ONE – Parent/carer consultation

The parent / guardian consult is usually the first step towards identifying if any actions or further training are needed. Even if you had a handover from a previous SNA, or teacher, it is essential to meet the pupil’s parents/carers. They know their child the best, and will be able to give information that will be very helpful in making it easier to support the pupil.

STEP TWO – Communication Passport

Every pupil with communication needs, will require a Communication Passport. The COMMUNICATION PASSPORT training will be helpful in describing what a Communication Passport is, and how to write a Communication Passport. A template and examples are also provided and discussed in detail.

STEP THREE – Challenges or Diagnoses-related Topics

A pupil may have multiple challenges, or in some cases, multiple diagnoses. If you are unsure where to start in relation to training topics, choose the pupil’s primary diagnosis and proceed to the other diagnoses over time.