Start Here

It can often be hard to know where to begin. We hope the following will assist with identifying any areas to quickly focus on.

STEP ONE – Have you consulted with their parents?

(The parent / guardian consult is usually the first step towards helping. You may have had a handover from a previous SNA, or teacher, but you still need to meet the pupil’s parents)

Following these Steps on Education Nation can help you identify where you may have learning gaps for you or your school team to assist with your Student’s Support File as per SESS guidelines.
The Education Nation suggested Communication Passport file will help you structure the parent’s discussion to better link with the Support File’s format and goals so you can ensure any activities you do fit into the schools implementation of Continuum of Support for pupils.

Remember when you are viewing any courses on this system, to print off and use your PERSONAL COURSE NOTEPAD for each course. This will allow you to flag which pupils which tips or techniques you are learning about will benefit who.
You can also use the Pupil Strategies and Resources Page to add to the end of a Pupil’s Support file. This will help map which techniques and strategies from which course are thought best to implement to meet the Pupil’s Strengths, Areas of Concern or Pupil Targets.

At this moment in time, are you supporting a pupil with any of the following special needs?

If you are still waiting to be assigned a pupil, or you are going to be supporting pupils with a range of needs, click the button below.