This page acts as the Landing Page for people registered on the course. This one is set to /tutor, it can be set to /nameofcourse permanently for referral purposes.

People who don’t have access to this page will see the following message, which can be customised:

Sorry, you have tried to access a secure system. If you have been registered for a course and believe you should have access, please contact your course tutor directly. 

If you are interested in taking this course (name), you can register here, or find a tutor who is running the live portion of the course at a date that suits you here www….com 

BELOW is an example of what users would see. Basically, everything they need should be accessible from this page. After they complete the live portion of the course, their access is revoked, which can be at discretion of tutor, or the system can ‘force’ a time out, say 3 months, 1 year, etc. Suggestion would be to have the website set an agreed time limit to complete fully the online and in person portion of a course.

The system access to a block of 12 spaces for a tutor can be set to automatic, or manual. It can be made available to be purchased via the system to a pre-selected group of users. (e.g. anyone who does a ‘Online training ethics class’). Or it can be made available free to the same. Automatic registration for this access level is switched off. At present – a person, once eligible to setup a class, can ‘buy’ as many blended classes of 12 participants as they wish.

The system allows this to be restricted as follows:

  • Limit to 1 class per person at a time.
  • Unlimited classes.
  • An arbitrary set limit e.g. 3

Welcome to your course

This is your course page. Your instructions etc, you need are here:

First, you need to complete this module…

Then, you need to complete this module…

Afterwards, you finish this module, which will give you directions to access the Live in person portion of the course. Delivered by your tutor on the date indicated in your sign up form.